The Subaru WRX was released in November 1992
Subaru WRX Specifications

Subaru WRX Turbo and ST-i AWD

The  Subaru WRX Turbo and ST-i AWD have to be the Japanese under dog when it comes to brand recognition amongst the general automotive aware public.

Most people are aware of the Nissan GTR and the Toyota Supra Turbos but a Subaru WRX did not make it into the Fast and Furious.

But with an arsenal of All Wheel Drive and a Turbocharged Boxer Porsche style flat four cylinder 2.0 Litre engine, it is able to deliver the goods when pushed hard in any type of extreme weather.Subaru WRX
 The WRX is renowned for its throbbing engine note unusual in a four cylinder DOHC engine that has proven to be a giant killer especially in the limited edition ST-i guise.


Subaru WRX 004Subaru WRX 002
Subaru WRX 003 Subaru WRX 005

Subaru WRX 008

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